Relevant projects

Generative research

Improving internal government hiring systems

This case study explores the current staff experience using an existing system to inform future strategic decisions.

Evaluative research

Testing an updated public facing service pre-launch

This case study explores an updated online child support arrangement service through usability testing.

Experience Design Co-op

Ontario Digital Service

An overview and project collection from my Experience Design Co-op journey thus far.

UX research and design


This case study explores streamlining the administration processes for a small business general contracting company.

Academic projects

UX/UI design


How can we help university students dealing with the impacts of social isolation expand their social network in the academic environment?

UX/UI Design and Branding

Google Neighbours

How can we bring the neighbourhood closer together?

Other projects

Vehicle design competition

3D Express

What do delivery services look and feel like 50 years from now?