About Me

Hello, I'm Adam

I am a UX Designer based in Toronto, Canada. Currently, I am pursuing my Master of Information at UofT in UX Design while working as an Experience Design Co-op at the Ontario Digital Service.

I have a background in Industrial Design

Before UofT, I completed my Bachelor of Design in Industrial Design at OCAD University. Some highlights during my undergrad include: being a freelance product designer for Vitaly Design, winning a vehicle design competition while on an exchange program in Finland, a design internship at the Art & Science Digital Experience Design Agency, and an eight-month-long thesis project in my final year. Postgrad, I did volunteer freelance UX design work for a general contracting company.

I value collaboration, communication, and ethical design

Collaboration and communication between teammates and clients are perhaps the two most significant impacts on the growth of a design. When a team works in harmony, it is unmatched. Therefore, I always strive to improve my teammate and leadership abilities. Additionally, as the digital world grows, many caveats come with it. As designers, we are responsible for making a safer, more accessible digital world for future generations.

I love learning new things

Inside and outside of my professional career, I am constantly pushing to learn more because I know that whatever it is will help me in the future. I have several hobbies. Currently, I am investing time in photography and golf. I am also creating a homemade hot pepper oil brand with my dad!

Contact Me

I am looking for co-op opportunities in UX design and research. If your company aligns with my values and work, I would love to chat!