Speculative Design

3D Express

What do delivery services look and feel like 50 years from now?


Project Lead


Ruusu-Maria Tuominen


Three Months


B2C Service
Product Renderings
Poster Submission

Project Overview

The Problem

Offer a vision 50 years into the future of an autonomous vehicle/transport system that provides regular cargo transportation services for the company Sovtransavto Cargo Systems.

The Objective

pinpoint key trends and technologies on transportation through signal mapping. Ideate an opportunity and define the service through storytelling.

The Context

By leading my team through the speculative design process, we designed 3D express, a 3D printing material delivery service for Sovtransavto Cargo Systems.

Secondary Research

For our first task, we researched the company we are designing for and latent technology and trends in the transportation industry. We found fascinating trends that include 3D printing, flying, drones, autonomous delivery, fossil fuel depleting, augmented reality, and the hyperloop.

Generative Questions

1. What kind of latent technology today could change the future of transportation?
2. How will technology in transportation change the way resources are delivered?
3. Will we focus in the transportation of people or resources?

Signal Mapping

In a converging direction, we honed in on three key signals to develop through scenario writing.

Generative Questions

How might we forecast a better future with the understanding of these trends?

Concept Development

Moving forward, we decided to develop a cohesive business to customer service that mends these three signals together called 3D Express.

Visual Development

We used the concept development phase to help direct us in the visual language for the vehicle design of 3D Express.

Final Poster Submission

With final dimensional renderings and a hero short of 3D Express in action, we submitted this poster to the 2018 PUSHKA Design Competition based in Moscow. We won first place among eleven other institutions within Russia and Finland.

Reflecting on the Project

Looking back at the project, I enjoyed pushing our minds to strategically forecast what the future of cargo transportation could be 50 years from now. One thing I would of liked to explore would be the interactions between the customer and the 3D Express service. All in all, speculative design serves a great purpose to keep thinking about the future while we design for today.